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LaHave Paving offers a number of key services to our residential customers:

  • Driveway Paving, Resurfacing, and Repair
  • Extra Parking Areas
  • Sport Courts i.e. tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton etc.
  • Walkways and Paths
  • Rubberized Crack Repair
  • Road and Driveway construction
  • Grading Roads
  • Installing Culverts
  • and more!

As with many things in life, a proper foundation is essential for achieving a successful outcome. Paving is no exception! The final asphalt surface is only as good as the foundation it is applied over. At LaHave Paving, we offer a comprehensive list of services related to proper site preparation. The overall objective is to ensure that the sub-base is sound and meets the design requirements. Each project is somewhat unique and can include engineering and design services, excavation and soil stabilization, site grading, base compacting, and water and storm drainage systems to name a few of the important considerations.

One of the most popular services we provide to homeowners is driveway paving, simply owing to the many conveniences a paved driveway offers. In order to ensure a long, trouble free surface, there are a number of factors which must be considered when undertaking a driveway paving project. We provide a free, on-site evaluation as part of our written quotation as experience has taught us that this is the only way to accurately understand the project scope and requirements. We can cut curbs… but we never cut corners.

In some cases, homeowners ask us to repair an existing paved driveway. We begin by determining what caused the problem in the first place. There are many potential reasons why paving might fail including tree roots, failed sub-grade, poor drainage, incorrect installation, poor design or simply old age! Poor drainage whether standing water or sub-surface moisture is also a major source of driveway failure. In either instance, we can help and would welcome the opportunity to provide a free no-obligation quote.

Often, our clients just desire to have a new look and a straight-forward resurfacing is all that is required. Driveway resurfacing involves applying a layer of asphalt over the existing driveway to make it look new. This typically will also address any low spots on the driveway assuming there are no significant foundation issues. Otherwise, complete excavation and removal of the old asphalt surface, compacting and grading of the sub-base foundation and the application of asphalt as in a new driveway installation is required.