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Unpaved driveways can be a mess. Gravel driveways are prone to collecting mud puddles, not only making you, your floors and your passengers dirty but necessitating more frequent trips to the car wash. Even in drier weather, gravel driveways will still produce dust, debris and dirt which can coat the exterior of your home or be tracked inside, scratching hardwood floors. They may also sprout weeds and collect things like leaves and pine needles, requiring routine maintenance.

Unpaved driveways can be especially problematic during the winter months. Simple snow removal becomes a difficult task and tends to disturb gravel, causing pits and ruts in the surface and spreading rocks about the property which will need to be cleaned up in the spring. Winter snow-blowing can become dangerous, as snow-blowers can throw the rocks buried under the snow, risking damage to property. A paved driveway eliminates the difficulties of snow removal and makes ice control a more manageable task.

Paving your driveway will also improve its appearance, durability and life-span. A solid surface will not sink or erode due to environmental conditions, such as rain or snow. These factors can lead to increased property valuations, and improved peace of mind.